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Annichen Eide!

about me

My name is Annichen Eide, I live in Woodside, I'm originally from Toronto, Ontario. with my wife and have three grown children. I enjoy pursuing new challenges and accordingly, my career has spanned a variety of roles including company founder, executive, investor, banker and coder..

I love the internet, technology, and building beautiful things.


I am mostly retired. I left Facebook at the end of 2017 and while I always like to hear from people, I am unlikely to take on any additional commitments in the near future. I have been enjoying the time off, spending time with my family, gardening and hiking.


From mid 2015 until the end of 2017, I was director of product management at Facebook (the blue app) focused on media products. Much of my time there was spent building out the news team and working on integrity, credibility and fact checking in the post-2016 election era. I helped expand Facebook’s video presence as part of the team that added casting to the blue app and launched the company’s first apps for Apple and Android TV. A few months after leaving Facebook, I sat for an interview with Frontline about my time at the company.


I graduated with a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University in 1987 and have studiously avoided formal education ever since.